CJ Timms Electrical Services: Looking Beyond the Socket

CJ Timms Electrical Services help businesses to plan, install, maintain and repair their electrical and data installations. During our Network4Business meeting on the 8th of November, Managing Director Roger Timms gave us an interesting activity to wrap our heads around.

Roger passed out sheets to the group with a plan of an office, asking them to work in pairs to determine the number of electrical sockets required, how to install them, how many sockets they would put on a circuit, and what kinds of protection they would use.

Generating lots of busy noise and activity as they worked, the group came up with plenty of different variations. Roger listened to their suggestions with interest and offered answers to any technical questions that cropped up during the exercise.

The reason for the exercise was to demonstrate the process CJ Timms undergo for their clients in order to design functional, durable and safe electrical installations. The exercise proved that CJ Timms pay special attention to each and every detail of their installations - they look beyond the socket!

To learn more about CJ Timms Electrical Services, take a look at Roger’s profile here or pay a visit to their website here.