You've Got a Friend in Me: The Importance of Support to Grow a Business

Support is essential in the success of an SME; growing a business on your own is daunting. So, to have access to experience, advice and possibly a bit of hand holding, is invaluable to move through to the next stage of your business growth.

I recently gave a presentation to the Network4Business about Bennett Engineering’s business development and future-plans for the company. I thanked those in the network and our ActionCoach, Lawrence Duncan, in their part in growing from one employee to five, with plans in place for 35% for annual growth. Doing the ten-minute presentation, I showed examples of how their encouragement and ideas contributed to this success.

I highlighted recent projects that have contributed to the company’s growth and as examples of our capabilities and breadth of projects we now undertake:

Screenshot 2019 07 09 at 14.39.10

Screenshot 2019 07 09 at 14.39.21

Screenshot 2019 07 09 at 14.39.45

The development of our vision and values has allowed us to recruit great people who are delivering excellent results. Our clients know that they are in good hands and receiving world class solutions for their engineering challenges.

Developing a marketing strategy has had a significant impact allowing us to go out and find business by creating avatars to target. Three avatars I would appreciate you connecting me with are:

Product Manufacturers


Who: 500+ employees,
           Production Director

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Who: 5 to 50 employees,

           Managing Director

Machine Repairers/Refurbishers

Who: 50 to 200 employees,
           Operations Director, General Manager

Highlighting these three aspects demonstrates how far Bennet Engineering has come in its business development, and with the support of some fantastic business friends, it just goes to show anything is possible.

John Bennett, Director at Bennett Engineering Design Solutions Ltd.